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2014-12-31 01:20 pm

Mpreg Cosplay Smutface Partytown - 29 January 2015 - London

Photo by Luka Novo. Illustration by Karukara.1 / 1 Photo by Luka Novo. Illustration by Karukara.

29 January 2015
Artsadmin, Toynbee Studios Cafe, London
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A one-night subscription fan club devoted to the subversive and emotionally charged figure of the fan. Featuring unusual fan works by guest fans and artists working with fan-like tendencies including Karukara, James Unsworth, Jennifer Chan, and Jennifer Otter Bickerdike.

Fans do it better. They are amateur experts, creating artworks, performances, zines, fictions and social movements that collapse form, make fantasy reality, blur the amateur and professional, and produce new surreptitious languages.This event explores the evolution of the fan as an unassuming model for invention, mobilization and revolt.

Mpreg Cosplay Smutface Partytown is part of the Fan Riot series of events, performances and artworks created by Owen G. Parry with artist and fan collaborators.

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2014-12-31 01:15 pm

Announcing - Fan Riot

"All the artists are copying their fans, darling."

Fan Riot is a project by Owen G. Parry with contributing artists and fans. It includes original research, public events and performances, and the development of a new stage show for theatre and concert venues.

Fan Riot explores the phenomenon of fandom at a time when distinctions between the professional and amateur, the artist and fan are diminishing. Fans who self-publish emotionally driven, cross-form, elaborate fan works now have the tools and abilities to upstage those cultural figures around whom they rally. But would such a move only be at the cost of their own existence? Fan Riot contemplates the ways artist and fans are negotiating these cultural shifts, and making way for new, unusual and imaginative forms of creativity and collectivity.

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Fan Riot is supported by Arts Council England.